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Energy for the washing machine the fridge the car the whole house

Drastically reduce your grid dependence

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Independent form the grid

Leonardo System increases the amount of self-consumed energy by the user in order to maximize energy independence.

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Saving in bill

Leonardo System combined with photovoltaic modules and storage batteries supplies the house until it’s completely self-sustaining.

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Locked energy cost

No more nasty surprises and big bucks! With Leonardo System you know exactly what you consume by constantly monitoring your expenses.

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Anti black-out

Never again without energy, even in the event of a power failure. Thanks to the batteries, in fact, unused energy is stored.

Sustainable future

Focusing on renewable energy through research and development ensure a more sustainable future for our children.

Remote control

Even with your smartphone, thanks to a simple app, you can monitor your consumption and your renewable energy production in a simple and funny way.

Simplicity and security

Low working voltage of the batteries (48V), high quality terminals placed in such a way as to facilitate installation and routine maintenance, protections and grounding.

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High efficency

Energy saving by installing Leonardo System is guaranteed and allows the initial expense to be quickly amortized and thus to defend yourself against the increase in the cost of fossil fuels.


Why install it

Significant savings on electricity bill costs, greater certainty of the cost of energy in the future, a sustainable future for your family and for your community, simplicity and security of installation without specific charges and authorizations.


Do you know how much you consume?

Leonardo System is part of the family of electronic products for “SMART GRID HOME” and has been designed and developed specifically for the production and storage of renewable energy at home.



The quality of the components, materials used and their complete integration make Leonardo System one of the best in the segment on the market. The logic of priorities contributes to increase the overall effectiveness of the system.

The numbers of Leonardo

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Guaranteed savings

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