Check your system and your consumption

Consumption control

Keep your system under control

Leonardo System is part of the family of electronic products for “SMART GRID HOME” and has been designed and developed specifically for the production and storage of renewable energy at home.
Thanks to range of products of Leonardo System you always know, at any time, how much your system is producing, how much you are consuming and the state of your batteries.
You can access your historical data and, thanks to a simple and intuitive graphical interface, you know when you can activate the appliances to not withdraw from the grid or to use your energy efficiently.

Keep your consumption under control

With Leonardo you have complete control of loads on both smartphones and tablets by controlling how much your system produces

Save over 80% on your bill

Accumulating and consuming the energy produced by your photovoltaic system

Energy even in the event of a blackout

Leonardo allows your home to stay powered even in the event of a blackout


Choose your solution

Only for italian market


  • Small dimension
  • Compatible with CE 2/3/4/5 systems
  • Compatible with SSP systems
  • Can be combined with LG Chem RESU 48V battery
  • Integrated graphic display
  • Integrated anti blackout device
  • Complete integrated monitoring
  • Easy to install Plug & Play
For new plants


  • 4 integrated MPPT channels
  • Integrated anti blackout device
  • Without feed into the grid
  • Optional monitoring system
  • Self-consumption up to 85%
  • Easy to install Plug & Play
Where the grid does not arrive


  • Double low frequency toroidal transformer
  • 4 MPPT channels with possibility of expansion
  • Remote control
  • Inverter / charger with automatic recharge from backup source
  • Automatic generator set management
  • CAN BUS for lithium battery
  • Energy Saving Mode