Produce, consume and save

Energy saving

Efficiency at the highest level

Do you already have a photovoltaic system and want to add a storage system? Do you want to install a new photovoltaic system and invest in a storage system? Choose Leonardo technology!

Retrofit on existing systems

Preserve your energy

On-site exchange systems for residential homes allow you to have direct savings on your bill thanks to the energy consumed and indirect savings with incentives of the energy fed into the grid. This saving can be improved by conserving the energy produced during the day and using it when needed. This is possible thanks to a storage system such as the Leonardo PRO X, which allows it to be combined with a photovoltaic system already installed to store excess energy in batteries and reuse it during the evening and night.

New plants

Your energy first

Today, installing a new photovoltaic system means being able to consume the energy produced directly by you, reducing dependence on the grid in such a way as to save costs on the bill and contribute to the mitigation of polluting emissions connected to the traditional electricity supply. The Leonardo PRO X, combined with WRM30+ external charge controllers, is able to reduce the withdrawal from the grid meter, to guarantee the complete self-consumption of the energy generated and to maximize the energy independence of the domestic user.

Save over 80% on your bill

Accumulating and consuming the energy produced by your photovoltaic system

Keep your consumption under control

With Leonardo you have complete control of loads on both smartphones and tablets by controlling how much your system produces

Energy even in the event of a blackout

Leonardo allows your home to stay powered even in the event of a blackout


a modular system

Exactly what you need

Step 1


Choose the photovoltaic power to be applied to Leonardo

Step 2


Choose the output power of Leonardo

Step 3


Choose which battery system to use to accumulate your own energy

Only advantages

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Increase self consumption

use the energy from your photovoltaic system up to 85%

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Monitoring of energy flows

Keep your system's consumption and performance under control

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Anti-blackout system

Never stay without electricity even in the event of a blackout

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50% tax deduction

with the tax recovery for restructuring in 10 years or any other rule in force

Choose your solution

For Existing Plants


For new plants

LEONARDO PRO X with WRM30+ external charge controllers