Your home not connected to the grid

Isolated utilites

Where there is no grid

Leonardo systems also arrive where there is no grid: do you have a cabin in the mountains and do you want the convenience of using household appliances? Do you want to build a plant independent of the grid to save on fixed costs?
Leonardo PRO X OFF-GRID is the right solution for you, the system allows you to produce your own energy with a photovoltaic system and store it in batteries, so the energy will be available for consumption during the night or during a bad weather day.
The most advanced lithium technology will allow you excellent performance and reliability in a small space. In case of prolonged bad weather, you will need to charge the batteries using an external source, for this reason the Leonardo PRO X OFF-GRID can be connected to a generator.

Maximum reliability

With Leonardo Off-Grid you have the same reliability of a grid meter

Completely independent

With the Leonardo Off-Grid make your home completely independent from the grid

Energy, always!

With the Leonardo Off-Grid, thanks to a backup generator, you have the certainty of continuity of service

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a modular system

Exactly what you need

Step 1

Pv power

Choose the photovoltaic power to be applied to Leonardo

Step 2

Potenza di uscita

Choose the output power of the Leonardo

Step 3


Choose which battery system to use to store your energy

Only advantages

1_Bassi costi manutezioneCreated with Sketch.

Low mainteinance costs

Depending on the battery chosen, maintenance can be done every 10 years

2_Risparmio elettrificazione zonaCreated with Sketch.

Saving for electrification

A grid connection for a remote user can involve very high costs

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Power remote places

Ability to supply any utility outside the national grid

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Low environmental impact

Thanks to the use of renewable energy

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where the power grid does not arrive


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